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St. George’s Golf & Country Club
1668 Islington Avenue
Etobicoke, Ontario M9A 3M9

tel: 416.231.3393
fax: 416.231.6432

Driving Directions

  • Travel east on Hwy-401
  • Take exit 350 for Eglinton Avenue Arrow Icon travel 1.7 km
  • Slight left at Eglinton Avenue West Arrow Icon travel 2.4 km
  • Turn right onto Islington Avenue Arrow Icon travel 0.7 km
  • Entrance will be on the right
  • Travel west on Hwy-401
  • Take exit 356 to merge onto Islington Avenue Arrow Icon travel 5.4 km
  • Entrance will be on the right
  • Travel on the QEW
  • Slight right at the Gardiner Collectors
  • Follow signs for Kipling Ave/Islington Ave/Park Lawn Rd) Arrow Icon travel 1.7 km
  • Take exit 142 toward Park Lawn Road Arrow Icon travel 0.3 km
  • Merge onto Islington Avenue Arrow Icon travel 6.3 km
  • Entrance will be on the left

Staff Directory

Jason Clarke

Chief Operating Officer
416.231.3393 x222

Mary Chan

416.231.3393 x225

Tim Moore

Head Golf Professional
416.231.3393 x260

Ian McQueen

Golf Course & Property Manager
416.231.3393 x263

Graeme McCarrel

Curling Manager
416.231.3393 x233

James Saunders

Executive Chef
416.231.3393 x246

Corey Ladouceur

Clubhouse Manager and Sommelier
416.231.3393 x258

Andrea Oliverio

Communications Manager
416.231.3393 x224

Alyssa Kazemkhani

Catering & Events Manager
416.231.3393 x223

Barbara Pennington

Executive and Membership Assistant
416.231.3393 x249

416.231.3393 x221

Visitor Information

St. George’s is a traditional golf club where members and guests enjoy a world-renowned golf course. The dress code is conservative in nature and is set to reflect the stature of the Club and its traditional style. All members and guests should be aware of the following standards of dress.

Logos: Commercial logos, slogans, numbers, names or illustrations on apparel that are not golf related are considered unacceptable attire. Clothing with the St. George’s logo or name, or clothing with the logo or name of any other golf club, is permissible. Designer clothing logos or names and names of golf equipment manufacturers are also permitted, as are logos

Denim: Denim pants, skirts and dresses are permitted in the Royal York Lounge, Upper Verandah and Dragon Lounge year round. Under no circumstance will denim be permitted in the St. George’s Room, Founders’ Room and Stanley Thompson Room, or on the golf course, the practice facility, or on the putting/chipping greens. All attire must be neat and clean. It may not be frayed, or contain any holes, tears, rips or be faded to the point of being tattered and must fit appropriately.

Guests: It is the responsibility of a member introducing a guest to ensure they wear appropriate attire.

Children: Juniors and Pre-Juniors are expected to follow the dress standards of the Club for men and women. St. George’s recognizes that clothing for children under Pre-Junior ages, can vary and some tolerance will be permitted, provided their dress is in good taste and in keeping with general dress guidelines, including no denim apparel in the St. George’s Room, Stanley Thompson Room and Founders’ Room.

Fitness: As the fitness equipment is located in the curling area and Indoor Learning Centre of the clubhouse, members may walk directly to and from the golf locker rooms to these areas in their fitness attire.

Curling: Generally, curlers are required to uphold the Club dress code as defined. Permitted exceptions exist for hats which can be worn on the ice, but not in the Dragon Lounge and for curling pants which may have draw strings.

Hats: Caps or visors may not be worn backwards. Hats are to be removed when in the clubhouse but may be worn on the Upper Verandah.

Shirts: Collared golf shirts, turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks with a minimum collar of 1.5 inches, are acceptable. Crew neck shirts and T-shirts are not permitted, nor are sweatshirts with hoods. All shirts must be tucked in at all times unless the shirt is tailored to be worn un-tucked (eg. the shirt must not have tails). Juniors are exempt from this policy (shirts must be tucked in at all times) and all members must wear shirts tucked in on the golf course (May, 2016).

Pants: In addition to denim pants: rugby pants, sweat pants, jogging pants, pants with draw strings and pants with external pockets (cargo pants) are not acceptable attire. Pants must be worn at waist height and must be cut to rest on the shoe or slightly above.

Shorts: The appropriate length for shorts is three inches or less above the knee, or slightly below the knee. In addition to denim shorts: tight fitting cycling shorts, shorts with draw strings, athletic shorts and shorts with external pockets (cargo shorts) are not permitted.

Socks: Full length socks to just below the knee without stripes and ped socks (sockettes – socks at ankle bone length or lower) are permissible. Mid-calf length socks may only be worn with pants and not with shorts.

Shoes: Only soft spike shoes may be worn on the golf course. Golf sandals are not permitted, nor are metal-spiked golf shoes of any kind. Men may wear open-toed footwear other than rubber thongs (flip-flops) in the Royal York Lounge, the Oak Room and on the Upper Verandah. Open-toed footwear may not be worn in any other Clubhouse Dining areas (The Stanley Thompson Room, St. George’s Room, Founders’ Room & Board Room).

Hats: Caps or visors may be worn in the Royal York Lounge and on the Upper Verandah, but must be removed in other clubhouse dining areas. Fashion hats may be worn throughout the clubhouse.

Tops: Sleeveless tops are permitted provided they have a collar and conversely, any top worn without a collar must have sleeves. (clubhouse attire is an exception to this rule). All shirts must be tucked in at all times unless the shirt is tailored to be worn untucked (eg. the shirt must not have tails). Juniors are exempt from this policy (shirts must be tucked in at all times) and all members must wear shirts tucked in on the golf course (May, 2016).

Pants: In addition to denim pants: rugby pants, sweat pants, jogging pants, stirrup pants, low-rise pants, tights, pants with draw strings and pants with external pockets (cargo pants) are not permitted. Capri pants are permissible attire.

Shorts & Skirts: Short skirts and shorts are not permitted. Any skirts and shorts must be of conservative length (not above mid-thigh). In addition to denim shorts: spandex shorts, athletic shorts, tight fitting cycling shorts and shorts with external pockets (cargo shorts) are not permissible attire.

Socks: Full length socks to just below the knee and ped socks (sockettes – socks at ankle bone length or lower) are permissible when worn with shorts or skirts.

Shoes: Only soft spike shoes may be worn on the golf course. Golf sandals are not permitted, nor are metal-spiked shoes of any kind.

While at St. George’s all WCD’s are to be switched to silent mode as use of these devices must not detract from other member’s enjoyment of the golf course, the clubhouse or the property. Cell phones can be used for conversation in the parking lot and the men’s and ladies’ locker room, but not at the main entrance to the clubhouse. With the exception of rooms that have been booked through the club’s Catering Office for a private meeting cell phone use for conversation is prohibited in the clubhouse. Cell phone use for conversation is also prohibited on the golf course. While email and text messaging functions (including the use of a cell phone for text messaging) may be used anywhere in the clubhouse or on the golf course, members and guests should be considerate of others and use their WCD with discretion.

Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the Clubhouse. Designated smoking areas can be located outside the clubhouse and cigarette butts must be placed in the provided receptacles.

Careers at St. George’s

If you’re looking to be part of a great team where employees work hard together to provide members with a world-class golf course and an excellent club experience then St. George’s in the place to be. We strive to know all our members, greet them with a smile and ensure they enjoy themselves while at the Club. We look for people with a positive attitude, who enjoy coming to work in a safe workplace, are respectful of both members and staff and are proud to be a St. George’s team member.

Open Positions:

Please submit resumes to Andrea Oliverio, and indicate the department you are interested in.

Human Resources Generalist

Assist club management staff with recruitment, selection, and orientation of new staff members. Assist with the administration of payroll records. Assure Worker’s Compensation and related laws are consistently complied with. Coordinate risk management and health and safety programs. Assists with the club’s retirement and benefits programs. Conduct labour analyses, staff planning and other studies as requested.

Job Knowledge, Core Competencies, and Expectations

  • Broad knowledge and experience in employment law, compensation, organizational planning and development, employee relations, and health and safety.
  • Working knowledge of club policies and guidelines as outlined in the club’s Employee Handbook, club by-laws and rules.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to interact effectively with the club’s staff.
  • Ability to work with a high level of confidentiality.
  • Knowledge of and ability to perform required role during emergency situations.

Education and/or Experience 

  • Minimum of bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Human Resources, Personnel Management, Psychology, Education, Public Administration or Organizational Development.
  • Specialized training in employment law, compensation, organizational planning and development, employee relations, training or labour relations an asset.
  • A minimum of three years as a Human Resources Generalist, some of which should be in the hospitality or private club industry.

Job Tasks/Duties

  • Assists in the development and implementation of applicable policies and procedures, processes various labour staffing reports; coordinates software applications to generate required information.
  • Develops and places recruitment ads and social media messages; plans recruitment strategies; screens applicants; processes all employment applications; checks applicant’s references; makes hiring recommendations and coordinates necessary correspondence and forms.
  • Conducts employment interviews with applicants.
  • Benchmarks the club’s employee recruitment and selection processes with others in the industry and explores new strategies as appropriate.
  • Ensures that new employees complete necessary employment forms and confirms that they are authorized to work in Canada.
  • Provides general property orientation for new employees; assists in the development and implementation of inter-department orientation and training programs.
  • Develops and maintains a library of training resources specifically designed for each position.
  • Assists department heads in planning professional development and training programs for employees.
  • Conducts and reviews wage and benefit surveys.
  • Proposes employee benefits enhancements to the Chief Operating Officer.
  • Coordinates monitors and suggests improvements for the club’s employee performance appraisal system.
  • Coordinates the development and publication of the employee newsletter in conjunction with the club’s Communications Manager.
  • Coordinates all employee record-keeping functions in accordance with federal and provincial requirements.
  • Keeps current with laws and regulations relating to employees; assures compliance with these laws and regulations; advises club managers as necessary.
  • Schedules and conducts club-wide employee health and safety meetings.
  • Maintains all logs and reports as required by law.
  • Continually reviews and assists in updating the employee handbook and personnel related policies; assists in the management of the club’s progressive discipline program, maintains club policy manual.
  • Assists in managing the club’s group insurance, unemployment and related benefits programs; communicates benefits information to staff.
  • Undertakes special projects relating to job description and specification updates, performance appraisal improvements, wage and salary comparison surveys, long-range staff planning and other personnel issues.
  • Coordinates transfer, promotion and layoff strategies within the club.
  • Establishes employee motivation and retention programs.
  • Assists in organizing employee activities such as the Christmas Party and other outings as appropriate.
  • Organizes employee recognition functions.
  • Advises line managers about discipline, discharge and related employment matters.
  • Interacts with COO and department heads to investigate employee violations of club policies and recommends corrective actions; if necessary.
  • Interacts with the club’s attorney relative to personnel legal issues, such as but not limited to, harassment and lawsuits.
  • Manages the club’s educational and referral programs for alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Develops forecasts of short- and long- term staffing needs.
  • Creates and maintains organizational charts.
  • Works with payroll personnel to assure that all forms required of new employees are completed.
  • Meets with the HR Committee as needed and attends Senior Management Meetings as needed.
  • Oversees all work-related injury claims to ensure integrity, ongoing case management and reporting compliance.
  • Maintains employee bulletin boards.
  • Maintains eligible driver report for all club vehicles.
  • Attends management and staff meetings as scheduled.
  • Develops personnel-related reports for the COO or department heads.
  • Performs special projects as assigned by the COO.

Clubhouse Servers

This position of Clubhouse Server entails almost every aspect of the dining “experience”.  Dining, sometimes revered as an emotional experience, proves to be best enjoyed when served by knowledgeable, co-operative and well-mannered servers.  Complete servers are not only providers and couriers of bread and water but rather ambassadors, salespersons and representatives of the Club as a whole.  Member perceptions of the Club in general are influenced by the “front-line” staff they encounter. The position also entails the maintenance and enhancement of the Excellency and level of service necessary to properly represent the St Georges G&CC.

Required Skills:

  • Minimum Grade 12 Education.
  • Good communication skills with a Good working knowledge of written and spoken English.
  • Well groomed, mannerly, co-operative and outwardly friendly (team oriented).
  • Ability to work under periods of extreme pressure.
  • Able to work split shifts – days, evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • Good organizational skills.  1 year banquet and/or restaurant experience of equal comparison.
  • First Aid and SIP training required in advance of employment or prior to completion of probationary period.
  • Knowledge of P.O.S System, Jonas or equivalent is an asset.
  • Smart serve certification.
  • Punctual and reliable.
  • Ability to stand for extended periods
  • Comprehensive knowledge of food & beverage to include wines, liquors and beers.

Beneficial Skills:

  • Smart Serve Certification
  • Food Handling Certification